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      Jenny Livingston

      In the CF community, we tend to use words and phrases that are second nature to us, but may not make sense to those who are new to the community or aren’t familiar with the jargon. Here is a guide to some of the acronyms, words, and phrases that you may come across in the forum.

      CF – cystic fibrosis

      PFT – pulmonary function test

      CPT – chest physiotherapy

      CGM – continuous glucose monitor

      SOB – shortness of breath

      ABX – antibiotics

      TX – transplant

      PICC – peripherally inserted central catheter, through which intravenous medications are delivered

      DXA – DEXA Scan, bone density test

      LFT – liver function testing

      CFRD – cystic fibrosis related diabetes

      NPO – means “nothing by mouth” referring to the time before a medical procedure in which eating and drinking are prohibited

      FEV1 – is the forced expiratory volume in one second; this is a measure taken during pulmonary function testing and commonly how overall lung function is conceptualized

      OGTT – oral glucose tolerance test to check for diabetes

      PA – pseudomonas

      Trikafta/Kaftrio – different names for the same drug based upon the country in which you live

      CFTR – cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator; CF is caused when the CFTR protein is either not made correctly or not made at all

      “Cyster” or “Fibro” – slang for our “brothers and sisters” fighting CF (cyster = sister, fibro = bro)

      DF508 – Delta F508 is one of the most common genetic mutations that causes CF, DDF508 is a “double delta” or homozygous DF508 mutations

      Vest – airway clearance system, a vest fills with air and pulsates to assist in breaking up mucus in the lungs

      PEP – positive expiratory pressure, a form of airway clearance

      “Port” – medical portacath, a semi-permanent device placed under the skin which connects to a vein, used for intravenous therapy and/or blood return

      “Nebs” – nebulized medications and/or the equipment used to deliver those medications

      “Treatments” – an umbrella term for respiratory treatments including nebulized medications and airway clearance (Vest or otherwise)

      “Modulators” – a specific type of drug that treats the underlying cause of CF: Trikafta, Symdeko, Orkambi, Kalydeco are the CFTR modulators currently on the market

      Do you have any others to add?

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