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      Bailey Vincent

      After an extremely taxing (but rewarding) work weekend of 7+ hours of dancing, no breaks, and waking up feeling as mucky as ever (still can’t kick whatever is going on in terms of health), I drove to an animal shelter today to celebrate my daughter’s birthday with a special surprise: a kitten. 

      One of my friends let me know that a baby cat was needing a home, and since we are in a place where we can “pay it forward” by taking on a new baby-love, we decided to do so for my 11-year-old’s almost-day.

      However, after we got there and waited for this specific shelter kitten for almost 2 hours (by choice! We wanted to make sure we were first in line), we realized something: he was utterly terrified of going anywhere without the other kitten to which he was bonded.

      So, yes, I left the house trying to adopt one kitten, and came home with two (and you’re some of the first people to know). Today is going to be amazing because 1) I can get some much needed rest while feeling so sick, and 2) I can try to bond with these two new babies. But also… Am I INSANE? Yes. Always. Animals are some of my greatest joys in life, for sure.


      What was the name of your first pet and what type of creature were they?

      If you could get another type of pet today– any species- what would it be?

      And… Have you ever avoided certain animals due to your health? Have you regretted it, or would you ever change your mind? 

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      Jenny Livingston

      Oh, Bailey! This makes me ridiculously happy for your family! I can’t wait to “meet” these new babes of yours.

      The first pet I remember was a small-breed dog named Pebbles. We’ve had many, many pets throughout the years and one of my favorites was a hedgehog named Violet. If I were to get any pet today, I’d truly love to add goats to our little farm. For Randy, goats are a hard no. He’d definitely prefer another dog (another Britney spaniel would be his dream come true).

      I’ve never avoided certain types pf pets, which probably makes me a poor role model in this area. Regarding pets, I’ll probably always believe that the benefits outweigh the risk. They are such an important part of my life!

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      Paul met Debbie

      Congratulations with your new family members! Very sweet to take them both, they might have a lot of fun together.

      My first pet was a little rabbit, or actually two of them. They turned out to be brothers, so we had to keep them apart when they started to fight. We called them Chip&Dale. Later in life we had dogs and cats.

      Presently we would not get another pet, because we are completely happy with our current one, the little dog called Buddha. She is only 8 and we hope to be together for many years to come.

      I hindsight, the rabbits possibly were not so healthy for my airways (hairs/dust), but I didn’t think of that at that time. Fortunately we are not allergic to animal skin/hair and Buddha – as an Australian Labradoodle – is supposed to be hypo-allergenic. I don’t know if that claim is solid, but at least she doesn’t shed hairs, which is very clean and one of our friends, who is really allergic to dogs and cats, can visit us without having trouble.

      I think having an animal around is very healthy for the mind. They are little guru’s and show us exactly how to live in the immediate moment without thinking in stories too much. They teach the power of spontaneity, intuition, love in action and pure mind.

      We wish you the best of luck with the two kittens.

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