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  • Predictions: Looking Ahead With Worry

    Posted by bailey-anne-vincent on August 18, 2021 at 2:00 pm

    I have been posting a bit more about Covid this week on the forum (see here and here), and will be shifting to other fun-in-the-sun topics next week, don’t worry… but one more question to round out the week:

    Do you think things will change in terms of virus protocols between now and this fall?

    What are your predictions for the next couple of months?

    My best friend (who is an OT in Boston) text me a few days ago and told me that I should come up with a contingency plan for my dance company– who is about to kick off their fall season next week- incase things begin to lockdown again. She predicts that by our showtime this November, things will shift at least in some regard.

    “Hopefully it’s just limiting capacity at your venue, “she said, for example, “And not losing your contract with the stage and not being able to do the show.” But… I don’t know?

    I feel so naive that I hadn’t really thought about it until she text me, because it all feels so sudden… despite it being so familiar. Is this deja vu?

    Mind you, I haven’t stopped wearing mask regardless of vax status, and I haven’t permitted my dancers to do so either, within reason. We have young dancers in our ranks, and must protect them (something I ranted about emotionally here). Many disagree with me and I’ve had parents be upset along the way.

    “At least you’re sort of prepared,” my husband has been saying (since we never fully dove back into life as if nothing had happened). We came back in pods. We kept our numbers small. There is precedent.. so if we had to revert or shift to Zoom, technically, we wouldn’t feel to flustered by the prospect.

    How are you feeling about things in your area (state, country, etc) currently and is any déjà vu happening in your region, as well?

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