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      Paul met Debbie

      Only by awaking I find out that I was asleep. It’s still an early rise, 6:30 am. But light is softly sipping through from the living room to the bedroom, where the curtains keep it from entering directly.

      The body feels a bit stiff and not very clear yet, but definitely ready to rise. How true I felt yesterday evening the relief of lying down in this very bed, equally true now this feeling of wanting to rise. Rest has done its miracle again.

      My hand reaches for the dog’s head to pet when I pass along her, lying at Debbie’s feet. She too awoke, and her eyes find mine in a silent exchange of presence. In the kitchen I start preparing for the coffee to brew, and the sounds of this must have awakened Debbie as well, as the dog tells me circling along my feet with a happy tail. I confirm to her that I understood what she wants me to know, and satisfied she settles on the couch. The sounds of the kitchen mix with those of the bathroom where Debbie proceeds to wake up further, and soon she enters the kitchen where we embrace each other for the first time.

      Sitting at the coffee table I notice still being on my socks, and ask Buddha if she knows where my slippers are. Happily she runs to the bedroom and returns with a mouth full of one of them, slinging it on my lap with an expecting twinkle in the eyes. Returning to the bedroom while still chewing on her little reward, soon she enters the living room again to repeat the process with the other slipper. The rest of the day she will watch over the slippers carefully and collect them whenever she can, to make another reward appear. For now, her attention is on the other morning treat she really appreciates a lot – a chewy stick that is supposed to clean her teeth as well. While she munches away on this, we drink our coffee and eat the knäckebrød and some pieces of apple.

      While the sun rises on our faces, we further awaken and inform about each others dreams. One subject tumbles into another, but after a while talking and laughing resides again and we finish our morning ritual. Another day awaits. No one fathoms what it will bring, but no doubt it will be exactly what is supposed to happen in the grand scheme of all. What a blissful mixture of ignorance, knowing and trust.

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      Jenny Livingston

      Beautiful, as always. My littlest dog pooped on the rug this morning, yet still, like Buddha, gave me the most adorable look hoping for a reward, hah! I’m generally an early riser myself. Those quiet moments spent with the animals and a cup of coffee are always a favorite way to start the day (even more enjoyable when they don’t involve dog poop).

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      Timothy Bransford

      This morning, like every morning, I was awakened by the stiletto paws of our cat Jaxx. He is a big boy, so when he stands on my stomach and speaks with his “feed me Seymour” meow, he cannot be ignored. Next to Jaxx is his sidekick, Marvin. Marv is also a big boy. However, his morning technique is to wail like a banshee while gently touching my exposed arm with just the hint of a paw/claw.

      I love these guys but when these two guys start their tag team action, it is time to rise and shine…ready or not.

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