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      Paul met Debbie

        Sunday morning, 9:30 am.

        We are early risers today, at 7 the bed didn’t feel good anymore and we found ourselves getting up. I have just finished my first nebulizing routine of the day. It went okay, but this doesn’t feel so great. Low energy, low oxygen, some arrhythmia.

        The little dog provides the only solution: she wants her morning walkabout. I know this will clean up my airways a bit more which will improve the saturation. At the cost of even some more energy of course. But there is no negotiation possible here, it’s the only way to go. After that, I might need a little rest and some food, and together with a good cup of coffee and Debbie reading a tale from Basho*, an old Japanese travelling monk, the well-being will improve no doubt. And by that time, my small dose of prednisone might kick in too.

        It’s grey outside and little curls of smoke rise from one of the chimneys at the other side of the street. A pair of jackdaws is sitting on top, enjoying the warmth. They watch us watching them, and the sun watches how we all hide behind the morning fog.

        I look at my dog and my face smiles, seeing her anticipation in the wiggling tail, my smile reflecting in her shiny eyes. Shielded behind my hat, gloves and shawl, I step into the outside world, which no doubt will be full of this miraculous aliveness that again awoke me this morning.

        Another day, wow!


        * Matsuo Basho (1644-1694), The Records of a Weather-Exposed Skeleton

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        Jenny Livingston

          This is beautiful, and I recognize myself in the words you share about being motivated by your sweet dog. While my daughter is generally the one bouncing around, begging to go and do something, those little dogs of mine are rarely far behind.

          “Miraculous aliveness” indeed. ❤

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          Wow, this is stunning. I absolutely feel so honored to get read posts like this (I want to beg “more more!”) Thank you so much for taking the time to write this

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