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      Bailey Vincent

      I have HUGE news to share… My dance company finally came back!!!

      I know this isn’t really CF-specific news, or even of interest to everyone here, but I love that this is a space (hopefully) to share triumphs and happy moments in life, and with so many ouchy-ones in the last year, I could not wait to spill the beans here.

      We aren’t “back” in the way that we used to be – 30+ adults in one room doing lifts and leaps and launches- but we are back, even if in new form.

      I split everyone into pods of 10, which means I began my day last weekend at 1 (teaching choreography to my Rehearsal Director, who helps me cover all of the pods), and then began bouncing between pods of 10 from 2 until 8 PM, with no breaks. Considering my bladder and stomach problems… sometimes that is a task! (haha. Anyone relate?)

      Being on my feet and teaching the same choreography over and over from 1 to 8 is tough, for sure, and a lot of multitasking with reading lips and assuaging fears and videography and the like, but I was so elated to be “back” that it didn’t matter.

      It is only 1 month to the day since my last back surgery, so not bending-lifting-or-twisting was still a priority. And I’m sad that I’m feeling so weak and out of shape but… “One 8 count at a time”, right?

      We made sure everyone wears masks. We have someone monitoring entrances and exits outside, so that groups don’t accidentally pass in the halls or pool in the lobby. We must dance 6 feet apart. And we of course will go on break for two weeks if there are any known exposures in our ranks (most of whom, thankfully, have already had their vaccines, as we have a lot of teachers and mental health professionals who moonlight as ballerinas).

      All of which is to say: Things have changed. It was exhausting and scary and imperfect but… We are back!

      I just wanted to celebrate for a second.

      What is something you want to celebrate this week? Let’s share!

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      Paul met Debbie

      Congratulations! Now enjoy, but don’t overdo it 🙂

      This week we celebrate my brother in law and his girlfriend, who finally met. Actually, according to the poet Rumi, lovers don’t finally meet eachother, they are in eachother all along. We totally agree.

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      Jenny Livingston

      Oh, Bailey, this news makes me so incredibly happy!

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