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      In a provocative and introspective column, Hannah Buck encourages her fellow CF warriors to stop picking their metaphorical scabs and allow themselves to heal. Read more from Hannah here.

      What wounds do you need to heal? What do you think will help you heal yourself?

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      Paul met Debbie

      Well, the best recipe would be not to take yourself so seriously.
      Try to remove as much identity of yourself (and of your so called health condition) as possible. With the removal of that, also your problems disappear.
      Look for the being that is present under the person. Discover that it has no problems at all, no wounds to heal. Miracle-cure. Of course, circumstances will still be there. But if no person is there to identify, to own them, no suffering will occur. We all need to vanish (as seperate persons with identities). Just be. Stop doing – and stop even doing that. It’s like falling asleep – how do you “do” that? And when you apply the same at clear daylight, you wake up, healed and complete.

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      Luisa Palazola

      @jpaul Kinda like exist with no attachments?

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      Paul met Debbie

      Well, it would be impossible to exist without attachments. Because that would be an attachment itself (“now I am going to live without attachments” – good luck with that).
      So, I would have to answer to your question: it is kinda like living. Just be. Don’t think your life, live it. No conceptualising. Naturally, there will be no specific attachments (as a by product, not as a goal). Life will be the only “attachment”. And in comparison with that, nothing would hold your attention for long anyway.

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