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      There are legions of germs risks everywhere we go, but there are seven in particular that aren’t talked about often despite how dangerous they can be for people with cystic fibrosis. Click here to find out more about these seven deadly germs.

      Were you aware of these seven germs? How do you protect yourself from germs when you’re out and about?

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      Paul met Debbie

      Yes I was aware of these.

      Well, just be as clean as you can and for the rest: trust your immunesystem. I don’t eat meat (bad bacteria, and traces of antibiotic can make me less sensitive for antibiotic treatment). I wash my hands regularly (often wear gloves, it’s becoming fashionable again) and stay away from large groups of people, certainly in wintertime when there is flu and comon cold around. If I have to be in such a group, I make sure there is good ventilation.

      I stay away from hospitals also (I demand treatment at home, there is more possible than you think) and I do my tests at home as much as possible too (lung function, fitness test, weight, dietary needs). I let someone else bring in the fluids for the lab (sputum, urine, etc), and phone my doctor to discuss the results. Do my bloodtest at the local physicians labaratory if possible. I consider if I really need this yearly x-ray again (what can they really see on it, if I don’t have a special situation at hand, then it’s just for the archive, I have never seen them do anything because of the result of the protocol x-ray). I don’t do lungfunction test in the hospital because I think they are not cleaning the machines well enough and often enough (mostly they clean up after the cf-patient has used the machine at the end of the day. Makes you think, doesn’t it?.) I think hospitals are the worst place with the most dangerous bacteria, and doctors, patients and nurses spread them around all day like TNT express. I don’t ever make the mistake of feeling safe in a hospital, only want to be there as short as possible as little as possible. But don’t follow my example, make up your own mind.

      And for the rest: don’t panic, nothing is under control.

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      Luisa Palazola

      From what I’ve learned, being cautious/ aware of harmful germs is necessary, however it is also necessary to maintain your own peace. Finding that balance is very hard, especially when you don’t feel well and everything feels like a potential threat.

      In terms of this post, some of those contaminated areas are easy to avoid and/or are sensible to do maintain clean or avoid. However, sometimes it’s inevitable to use them or come in contact. I think maintaining a regular and proper handwashing routine, and trusting your immune system and the things you can’t control is necessary. Otherwise, the panic and anxiety that surfaces from the stuff you can’t control, in itself, can be detrimental to your health. Be aware, practice standard precautions, and trust yourself.

      In terms of the PFT equipment, I do know that the CFF has strict rules in cleaning those machines that are critical to keeping cross contamination (see link below) as low as possible. I think if you have any skepticism about the tech’s cleaning, it would be wise to let staff or the director of the clinic know.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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