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  • What Are Your “Little Things”?

    Posted by bailey-anne-vincent on November 17, 2020 at 9:21 am

    Yesterday I talked about getting back in a dance studio for the first time in nearly 250 days (since everything shut down in March) and how emotional the experience was overall.

    It made me think about all those “little things” we take for granted but then remember as soon as they’re regained. For example, taking a deep breath after battling an infection… or eating a wonderful meal after being NPO for way too long… or walking out of the hospital for a breath of fresh air during a tune-up.

    For the sake of gratitude and sharing, I was wondering:

    What are some “little things” that you appreciate because of CF (or being a CF caretaker), that someone else might not think about?

    I’m sure our little things will all inspire one another to appreciate other little things too. Here are a few of mine:

    * Driving my car by myself (or with my girls), blasting music and not needing anyone else to chauffeur me

    * Walking through a store after a long hospital stay and just feeling that strange joyful autonomy of doing something so “normal” for an hour (the autonomy of capitalism: yay! lol)

    * The feeling of your chest and skin when your port is finally de-accessed

    * The feeling of someone touching your feet when you’ve been stuck in a hospital bed after a surgery (it always makes me feel like a person again?)

    What about you?

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  • paul-met-debbie

    November 19, 2020 at 5:57 am

    Quoting the great philosopher W. the Pooh: “Little things mean a lot”.

    For me, calling anything doesn’t really work anymore. Then, all that happens is an expression of the miracle of being. Since I don’t know what being is, I can’t call it by any name or give it any adjective. It is just what is. Isness. That’s my favorite thing. Living life as though everything is a miracle.

    To mention a few miracles
    * cappuccino
    * the touch of the wind
    * breathing freely
    * thinking
    * grasping for air
    * the starry nightsky
    * clouds
    * doing my nebs
    * sleep
    * nature
    * not thinking
    * writing this post
    * how oneness arises as seeming opposites
    * silence
    * (…)

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