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  • What Do You Need TO DO Today? (Plus, Surgery Preps)

    Posted by bailey-anne-vincent on July 19, 2021 at 10:23 am

    My surgery was moved by one day to the main OR since I’ll need to be intubated and can be more “complicated” (the anesthesiologist literally said, “any type of CF and any type of heart patient is what we use the word complicated for“) but I’m still in Prep Mode today.

    Preparing for surgery, for me, means some of the following: 

    * Writing my column and submitting to CF News Today so I hopefully don’t forfeit that much-needed piece of the financial puzzle

    * Straightening my hair because I hate when it gets tangled and matted in the hospital 

    * Making sure my backup medications are packed and all other recovery necessities (I always forget something)  

    * Spending as much time as possible with my girls, even though they’re older now and this stresses them out less (also, I won’t really be away from them at all this time so no biggie)

    * Doing colon prep (Ew, yes, that’s some of what my day is going to look like. Yum?)

    * Replying to as many emails and DMs and job-musts as possible, so I can “buy myself” a few days off (though it never works and someone always gets mad when I don’t reply) 

    * Posting on the forum because I love my job and I love checking in with everyone here!!!

    Last night, I painted my nails and shaved and stressed about how long until I can work out again. I hate that my upper back is so hurt that I have to limit how long I type each day (or I’d write another book during this recovery for sure) because I feel a lot less distracted, and a lot more “trapped”.

    I did organize my TV queue because if I can’t write a lot and have powered through some of my books in days to come… I might as well distract and disappear and daydream, right?

    Most of my To-Dos are driven by need (as in, we need to pay the bills and are struggling a lot, especially since losing money and property in a recent theft), but some are mental-health driven and wanting positive distractions when the going gets tough.

    So what about you? What is YOUR current To-Do list today, and how do you handle not being able to “get enough” done? What are some things you really want to do soon, but have to pace yourself about? 

    List your day out for us and we will cheer you on! 

    jenny-livingston replied 2 years, 9 months ago 2 Members · 1 Reply
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  • jenny-livingston

    July 19, 2021 at 10:58 am

    Your level of preparedness and pre-surgery organization is something to be admired. I hope the prep pays off and your recovery is smooth.

    My to-do list today includes all the things I haven’t done while I’ve had family here. Housework, some writing and catch up on projects I’ve neglected, laundry, etc. I’m also preparing for a big doctor’s appointment later in the week followed by a trip out of state with Morgan this weekend. I recently posted about feeling overwhelmed and, well… that feeling hasn’t been remedied yet. Hopefully once I get things caught up at home and I’m not surrounded by mess, some of that will resolve.

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