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      Bailey Vincent

      Sometimes, when my girls and I are bored, we like to play a “Which Would You Choose?” sort of would-you-rather-game and today, while feeling a little “buggy” and not having anything very deep to share I thought… Why not play our own version with a CF twist? (Who needs depth on a Monday, right?)

      So grab some coffee, settle in, and let’s have a little hospital-themed fun…

      Which Would You Rather:

      Have a salty snack or a fatty dessert?

      Take Creon with pudding or apple sauce? (not like we do this but if you did)

      Have a 5 AM doctor round [in hospital] or a super-talkative night nurse?

      Be on antibiotics on a beach vacation (hello sunburn) or be on vacation and forget your nebulizer?

      Need to cough but can’t [dry, stuck, etc], or trying not to cough but can’t stop?


      Add your own below!

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      Jenny Livingston

      Here are my answers:

      Salty Snack
      Doctor at 5 AM
      Antibiotics on vacation
      Need to cough, but can’t

      Would you rather…

      Never need to take antibiotics again (IV or oral) or be able to stop doing daily respiratory treatments forever?

      Have a CF team who doesn’t take any interest in your life or a team that asks invasive questions about your personal life?

      Go back to in-person visits or utilize telehealth forever?



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      Paul met Debbie

      Agree with Jenny on Bailey’s questions.

      Additional answers to Jenny’s questions:

      – never need to take antibiotics again (don’t mind resp. treatments)

      – ask invasive questions (would not answer)

      – telehealth forever (saves time)


      My questions: would you rather

      – restore full lungfunction to all lungpatients at once or restore all tropical rainforests at once?

      – comply with all health limitations or fight everyone of them?

      – stay in the rollercoaster of personal life or have complete mental peace?


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