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      Bailey Vincent

      I am one day away from finishing a 7 day marathon of dance. I have had to teach, choreograph or direct dance every single day for a week… and tomorrow is my first “day off”. I honestly can’t believe I pulled it off less than a month after the last major surgery, and couldn’t help but post about it because… Wow, I did it!

      So, today’s question is pretty simple: What is something you did in the past 7 days that you are REALLY proud of? 

      It could be simple (never missing a neb or vest session) or huge (a promotion at work or finishing an art project) or anything in between.

      Let’s share!

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      Jenny Livingston

      Good for you, Bailey! What a well-deserved day off for you.

      I actually did a few things that make me proud (including a super cool art project, so it’s funny that you mention that) but the thing that makes me most proud is that I thoroughly went through my closet and dresser and donated everything that doesn’t fit me anymore. I’ve experienced some pretty significant changes to my body in the last few years, but I held onto old clothes thinking “someday, they’ll fit again.” Finally coming to peace with the idea that realistically, they’ll probably never fit again and it’s okay to let them go was very liberating.

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      Paul met Debbie

      Great to hear that your week went so well, despite of the surgeries, Bailey! Quite an achievement indeed.

      Like Jenny, I also got rid of some stuff, in my case trousers that didn’t make the circumference of my belly anymore. Kaftrio made me gain 8 pounds, which has spread relatively well all over my lovely features, but the lower parts of the body took most of it somehow. Not that I now have a Dad bod, but still there is a visible difference. I much enjoyed the extra filling in my bum, particularly last week when, walking outside, Buddha made a sudden move on me and I found myself sitting on my glutei maximi, softening the blow well enough. I was very proud of the both of them. And Buddha had a good laugh.


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        Jenny Livingston

        Paul, that “Trikafta bum” comes in handy for me as well. I didn’t realize how frequently my bum would go numb or start hurting just when sitting normally. That extra cushion is awesome to have!

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