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      Jenny Livingston

      If you had to choose one word to describe 2020, what would it be?

      What word best encapsulates your experiences, thoughts, and feelings throughout the year?

      Good, bad, or downright ugly, I want to hear it! No explanation necessary (although feel free to explain if you’re so inclined).

      My word for the year: Perspective 

      What word would you choose? 

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      Judy Moreland

      Superabundant stress (I know; it’s 2 words.)

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      Nonirregardless. Everything that happened this year happened nonirregardless of how we feel about it. Kind of like all of life. That, Jenny, is my perspective.

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      Paul met Debbie

      Van Dale, who produces the official Dutch dictionary, traditionally chooses the Dutch Word of the Year.
      This year the winner is:


      It means one-and-a_half-meter-society. Refering of course to the distance deemed safe to keep to other people and not get infected by covid in public spaces. 1.5 meter is approximately 5 feet. So it would translate as “5-feet-society” in English.
      It got 29,8 % of the votes.

      The runner up was “Fabeltjesfuik” (11%).
      Roughly translated “Fairytale trap”. This refers to the algorithm Youtube uses to make suggestions to you for new videos to watch, based on the ones you watched before. It points to the effect that if you constantly follow those suggestions, you will be presented a world of video’s and opinions that is completely in accord with your own idea’s about the world, even if these are completely illusiory – it specifically refers to those who like to watch conspiracy theories. You will be trapped in that.

      I think this is a great word, because our mind also likes to work like that. If we don’t watch that, we will be in a little world of our own too and become more and more convinced of our own illusions.

      The third place was for “Viruswappie” with 10,6% of the votes. Another word for this is Covidiot. It refers to someone who denies the covid pandemic or the seriousness of such.

      Personally, my word of the year is Wholeness. It refers to the Buddhist interpretation of reality as being One. If ever we saw that our reality is One, it must have been this year. The way Covid conquered the world is mainly because everything/everyone is connected to everything/everyone else. If only we would respond to it as One.

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      John F Schroeder

      OMG If I tell you what I really want to say, my sainted mother will rise from the dead at midnight and wash my mouth out with SOAP! So I will just say:


      That’s German for HORRIBLE!

      John Schroeder

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        Jenny Livingston

        John, this commentary made me laugh out loud! It’s been quite a year and I’ve also found myself using language my mother would definitely not approve of!

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      John F Schroeder

      LOL glad to give you a laugh, Jenny!!

      I have been saying things this year and my wife of 54 years – who should be used to me by now – turns and says “JOHN!!!!” At least she doesn’t try the soap trick!

      But it’s been that kind of a year! Oh wellllll….

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