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      After talking about symptoms that “don’t fit” perfectly with our notions of CF (even though many of us here believe that’s just a shoddy ‘umbrella consideration’ of CF) and my issues with seeing doctors who don’t “fit with my team“, I wanted to ask my all time favorite question for MEDICAL SCIENCE:

      If your CF doctor had a Harry Potter house, which one would they be?

      (Gotta further that science.)

      I used to say that neurosurgeons are Slytherin for example, as are hospitalists, but colon doctors – it must be said- are definitely Hufflepuff.

      I know it sounds cliche to assign my personal clinic as Gryffindor, because I’d wager they fancy themselves a Hufflepuff as well… but they’re G-force all the way. They are truly the most exceptional team I’ve worked with, and I’m so glad I ended up switching clinics when we moved. My lead doctor, nurse, dietician- everyone seems to communicate… respect one another… and genuinely have fun working together.

      Your Turn!

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      Jenny Livingston

        Confession time: I’ve never read nor watched Harry Potter. 😬 (My daughter received the entire set of books as a gift, but she’s had such a hard time getting into them. Maybe she and I are both broken!)

        I have, however, taken the official house sorting quiz and I’m apparently a Hufflepuff? Two of my dear friends are also Hufflepuff and since I respect and adore them both, I take those results as a compliment.

        Given my extreme lack on knowledge on the subject, I can’t tell you what my doctors might be. This is such a fun topic! I may need to do some Hogwarts House research over the weekend.

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        Paul met Debbie

          My current doctor is still a bit new to me, but my previous one would be Harry Potter himself. I would have mentioned some doctors I met in my life that are definitely very Slytherin, but I can’t, because (Obliviate).

          I’ve never read the books, but Debbie has and we saw most of the movies together (except the last one, which we thought would be too dark).

          Completing the test together, we turned out to be Hufflepuffs mostly, with a strong tendency for Griffyndor, while I had a personal preference for Ravenclaw. The inside of our house looks exactly like these.

          I hope this provides some Lumos.

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