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      Bailey Vincent

      We have all heard the connections between CF and salt (whether the salty taste of our skin or the use of saline in our treatments), but I have a fun, summer-inspired question for everyone today..

      If you were a salty snack or drink: What would you be?

      Or, better yet, What food are you the most inclined to add way too much salt to?

      I think my very pirate-like family would be sad to know I’m not choosing a margherita, personally, but if I had to pick my favorite salty snack ever, it would be: smoked salmon. The saltier the better.

      However, I tend to oversalt my chips (warm tortilla chips, fresh to the table? = Add More Salt) and even salt my hummus, egg salad, hard boiled eggs and onward, before taking a bite. (Yes. I have a bit of a salt problem)

      What about you?

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      I like to add salt to beef and chicken. And pour olive oil on vegetables so salt will stick to them. To avoid the carbs of potato chips but still have something salty and crunchy I have learned to like pork rinds.
      I have found that kosher salt has a saltier taste than regular table salt so I use that at the table. I haven’t tried salt flakes yet but it is only a matter of time. Almost forgot to mention salted peanuts, another favorite salty snack.

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      Paul met Debbie

      Salty cashew nuts for me please. Salt and fat in one. And the good fat. And vega. Great stuff.

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      Tim Blowfield

      A recent discussion with her Dietician suggested pretzels as better than salty chips as a source of salt.

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