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Medicine Is Splitting Me into Pieces

I am not a whole and complete person. All you have to do is look at my medical chart to know that this is a fact. I have a different doctor for every part of me. I am not an “I” or a “me” — I am the parts of…

I Need Help Asking for Help

Asking for help. It sounds so easy, doesn’t it? In the dance world, however, it’s almost impossible. In the world of healthcare, surprisingly, it’s just as difficult. Years ago, when I was dancing in a small company in Washington, D.C., I expressed worry over a potential injury and asked for…

Diet Tips from a ‘Dying’ Girl

This is going to feel like something you’ve read before. It’s going to say things like, “Don’t assume just because someone is thin they want to be this weight,” and, “It’s so hard being judged for something you can’t control.” All that is true. I have read the skinny-sick posts,…

To the Child I’ll Never Have

“If we had a little girl together, that’s what she’d look like.” He said this to me recently while eating ice cream sundaes with our girls. I slowly turned, a knot in my stomach, scared to look. As I glanced at the little girl in the corner (enjoying time with…

Help! I’m Haunted by Old Photos of My Health

The worst thing about being a writer is being unable to escape old drafts of yourself. Would you believe that the photos you see here were taken on the same day? (See also the Facetune skills, circa 2015, that have since been forgotten.) (Courtesy of Bailey…

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What It’s Like to Have a Family Member in the ICU

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Five years after her brother, Bradley, fought for his life in the ICU, columnist Shelby Dell reflects on how his hospitalization affected her.

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