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      I feel like all I do on this forum is complain lately… or at least that’s what I worry about (like yesterday). My column this week is pretty complainy- although written over a week ago- and my column next week (submitted this week) is fairly blunt as well.

      Lately, the thin line between candor and complain feels way too thin. Know the feeling?

      2020 dealt a lot of changes in my life, personally, many of which were physical. I had spine, joint (including my hands) and nerve issues I’ve never experienced before. I had global inflammation and the general feeling of something being “off”. And now, this past week, I’ve started to lose some of my hair. Not anything I can’t hide for now, or hopefully ward off with time and turnaround, but enough where I’ve thought: “What the heck is going on with me?”

      I didn’t lose hair when dealing with some of the most stressful situations of my life in the past (let’s just say they make 2020 look like a gentle float down a river with a Margherita). Nor when I was in the ICU many many years ago. Or when I was thinner than this… or having invasive surgeries… or even after having both of my daughters, hormones in flux.

      Before I expand on all of the above a little more (promise, less complaints!) in tomorrow’s medically minded post, I wanted to ask:

      What is the number one way that stress impacts your body?

      Is it weight gain or weight loss? Breakouts or grey hairs? Forgetfulness or hyper focus? Let’s talk our personal Stress Quirks!

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      Jenny Livingston

        When stressed, I either don’t sleep or sleep too much. I tend to stress eat, or lost my appetite entirely. I sometimes lose hair, too. I sometimes clean a TON, and sometimes I can’t find the motivation or discipline to clean. I suppose there’s not a single specific way or even a handful of consistent stress quirks I have… but what remains the same is that I lose all sense of “normal.”

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        Becky Fox

          Hi Bailey, you asked about stressors. I can tell you up front what Kelly’s stressors are. Gray hair and weight gain. She has been fighting the grays for quite a few years now. She does a pretty good job of keeping them covered. But lately if she goes too long between hair appointments, the grays become more and more abundant and noticeable. It really bugs her (I totally understand). It’s been a year now since she started Trikafta, and her weight has shot up to the point that it has become a major concern to her. She has made it a point to bring the weight down through walking 10,000 steps a day and watching her calory intake. I don’t know how much she weighs currently, but she did get up to around 150 pounds here a while back. Her normal weight was fluctuating between 125 and 135 before Trikafta. At 5’6″ she is far from “fat”. To me she just looks healthy with a bit of a tummy, lol. Take care Bailey. Becky

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