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      Paul met Debbie

      Recently, Jenny posted and asked about our 2021 Wins.

      Well, it was quite a year. I will memorize my and Debbie’s wins here:

      – In January, we breathed in and out and repeated this for 1,4 million times. It was very enjoyable and meaningful, for it kept us alive and happy and it is the best meditation (pranayama) that exists;

      – in February, Debbie made a nasty fall outside when walking Buddha, but fortunately nothing was broken and it all healed pretty well by itself; only her left arm doesn’t rise as high as the right one, but that might have something to do with the right one as well (after reading this, Debbie demonstrated that her yoga exercises cured this little problem as well – both arms go straight up along the ears again, pointing to where all bless comes from;

      – In March, I started my column on the forum, titled Sunday Morning. Since then, 42 editions of it appeared before your eyes. It is fun to write this, I try to make it interesting for you and it also many times served as a little diary for me and Debbie;

      – In April, we bought a new car that, although being 10 years old, looks and drives as if it just comes of the line;

      – We made some fine changes in the interior of our apartment, giving our antique English chest a prominent place in the living room; you can read about it here;

      – In June and July, we survived two Moderna shots, although my lungs got really bad from that after 5 weeks which made me apply for Kaftrio – and it all turned out very well;

      – Starting Kaftrio in August, by September I had gained 15% lung function, 7% weight and 50% energy, while reducing my need for antibiotic drastically;

      – We listened to the international XVIII th Chopin competition and I wrote a tale about that on our website;

      – I wrote several other tales that most of you liked very well (at least, you downloaded them which we appreciate very much);

      – In the summer, we saw my sister and her family again for the first time in 18 months – in the garden, safe; and some other friends and family as well, also outside;

      – In July, we bought an air fryer, to replace the snack bar that went broke because of the pandemic; this was our only covid purchase – a dog we had already;

      – In August, we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary; we now know each other for 17 years, and 14 billion before that as well;

      – In September, we stopped with almost all of our painting lessons; after 18 months of distance learning via e-mail to accommodate for the pandemic, this became too much of an effort and impeded Debbie’s flow of innate creativity. Soon after stopping, a fountain of new creative utterings erupted from the both of us and we filled our website with a lot of these gems;

      – In October, I fell in love with a cow and called her Ten-Ten. She is in one of my Sunday Morning talks;

      – In November, we rediscovered the beautiful piano music of the Catalan composer Frederic Mompou, bought the scores of his yet unpublished works and I wrote a tale about this, which – again – is on our website;

      – We reformed our website and made it more English; http://www.parkinsjordaans.nl

      – I translated two of my dearest Dutch poems into English and told you about this in my Sunday Morning posts 39 and 40-new;

      – Yesterday I wrote another poem in Dutch and translated it today in English for you – it will appear soon in the forum; it is called Little Confession and, of course, it is about Debbie;

      – In December, we made Wake up Call, The Video About Everything that needed to be made (see our website, “in the spotlight”). I posted on the forum recently about it; we got many heartwarming reactions from all over the world about it; if you haven’t seen and/or commented on it on YouTube, would you please consider doing this yet? It would mean a lot to us;

      – After searching for long, we finally found the vintage Pelikan fountain pen 400NN that we – stupid sods – think we needed to complement our little collection. It was sent to us from America and it dates from 1958, still in mint condition and working flawlessly. Our mind told us that we really wanted this pen. We informed the mind that it was – again – wrong; had a good laugh together and bought the silly thing anyway;

      And of course, most importantly: All year long, every month, week, day and single moment, we loved each other and our little dog Buddha to bits and we know we are so fortunate to be alive and together. This is a blessing that surpasses all understanding.

      Namaste, wishing you a blissful 2022,

      Paul & Debbie

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